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Cost Comparisons
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Lower Inland Northwest costs directly impact revenue. Cost savings are available relative to employees and production.
Value Inland Northwest Silicon Valley Southern California Puget Sound
Office Lease Rates $0.40-$2.10 $1.71-$4.00 $1.33-$3.00 $1.58-$2.10
Industrial Lease Rates $0.20-$0.60 $0.32-$0.65 $0.39-$1.00 $0.31-$1.10
Median per Capita Income Low-to-mid $20,000 range $44,926 $25,826 $29,521
Median Home Price Under $170,000 $749,000 $716,222 $358,095
Average Monthly Electrical Costs (1,000 kW, 200,000 kWh) $13,854 $25,890 $24,425 $11,662

Worker’s compensation rates in the Inland Northwest are among the lowest in the nation. In Washington, worker’s compensation is based on hours worked. In Idaho it is calculated per $100 of payroll. Customized cost comparisons are available.

The following scenario represents an annual workers' compensation payment comparison for a business with 66 manufacturing employees:
SIC Code Idaho California
3146 $47,375 $323,413

Because the state of Washington bases its workers' compensation on hours worked, the following was developed by the Small Business Survival Index 2004 for comparison purposes:
Washington California
1.65 5.23

Sources: Auble, Joliceur & Gentry; CB Richard Ellis; U.S. Census Bureau; Idaho Department of Commerce & Labor; Washington Office of Financial Management; Lincoln Electric System, National Electric Rate Survey; Inland Northwest Economic Alliance Research; Small Business Survival Index 2004

Photo credits—University of Idaho Research Park: page top.

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