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Community-BasedBeyond the numbers, the Inland Northwest values businesses and their success. More than 100 companies have relocated or expanded to the region over the past 15 years. Community-based experts stand ready to assist companies. A range of resources minimizes down time and assures smooth transitions.

Individual attention is given to companies, their owners, managers, employees and families. Customizable training programs can facilitate processes for getting your plant up and running. Links are established to respected professionals to help spouses find jobs and families find homes.

Companies discover a deep, talented, and focused labor pool. Workers possess a traditional, old-fashioned belief in a day’s work for a day’s pay. The combination makes the region a place where companies can grow with higher productivity and bottom-line impact.

Research shows Inland Northwest workers are among the most productive nationally. The concentration of workers with post-high school education is high. Workers are highly skilled, eager, and trainable.

The region has excellent vendor support and outsourcing options. Manufacturing, aerospace, marine services, and technology companies are just some of the industries with a strong major supplier network. Finished goods reach regional, national, and global markets swiftly and efficiently.
"People want to live in the Northwest, so this location has been great in terms of attracting talent—we've had lots of interest in working with us."—Tim Irwin of Paradigm Lasers

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