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The Inland Northwest: Providing Real Value to Family-Owned Businesses
Family-owned businesses today are faced with developing survival and growth strategies in a bigger, faster and more competitive environment than ever before. At the same time, the ability to engage future generations is critical for family businesses.

Fortunately, the Inland Northwest boasts an entrepreneurial climate for family-owned business success. The region’s lower business costs and higher quality of life make for a powerful combination that resonates with multi-generational companies. Reduced operating expenses and workers’ compensation rates, affordable housing, outdoor recreation, and shorter commutes are just a few of the advantages enjoyed by family businesses that have relocated and grown in the Inland Northwest. In fact, of the more than 70 companies that have moved to the region over the past 15 years, 66 are family-owned, and many used relocation as a strategy to perpetuate their companies.

Tapmatic“As we got closer to the move, more and more people expressed interest in relocating (with the company). Housing is more affordable here, the commute is shorter, outdoor activities abound. Post Falls is a great location for Tapmatic. All our support processes are nearby and the quality of life couldn’t be better.” – Mark Johnson, third-generation owner, Tapmatic

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